British People Unite! We Have a Battle on our Hands! I Will See You in Valhalla! (26.3.2020)

Okay people! This is not a drill! I have been told by a scientific advisor in China that there are two strains of COVID19 – a mild and severe version. The UK was infected by an English woman and her son who came back from Italy after testing positive. She was told to self-isolate and she did not. She went to work and her son to school (in Devon) and spread the severe version of COVID19 to the UK. Chinese people and foreigners have not spread the virus to the UK – so stop the racism – our stupidity infected ourselves! This means that we face as a nation a terrible collective challenge during which some of us might die. This is a fact even if we do not like it. We must face this challenge with our cultural inner strength (be it Celtic, Pictish, Viking, Asian, Chinese, African or whatever) and stand with defiance in the face of adversity! Go out with inner strength and love for one another and not with fear!

#covid19 #italy #severe #destiny #uk #strengh #death #together #love

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