Spring Festival: Beware the Illegal Falun Gong Cult! (2017)

春节来临 这些礼物千万不能收!

(Translation & Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

For thousands of years the Chinese people – as a nation – have gathered together to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It is an important time for Chinese families right at the beginning of the year. The travel network is pushed to its maximum capacity as filial men and women travel back to the safe embrace of their families. Spring Festival is a national holiday steeped in tradition, mystery and meaning. At such times the Citizens of China must remain vigilant and look after one another’s best interests. Be careful when travelling on public transport as members of the Falun Gong Cult target bus and train stations, but usually in remote areas or away from city centres or wherever police officers may be patrolling. The Falun Gong Cult targets the elderly and the young with illegal New Year posters that at first glance look authentic, but which have been altered to refer to cult founder Li Hongzhi as ‘god’ (or ‘Buddha’), with the writing changed so as to negate genuine feng shui ideology and replace it instead with Falun Gong Cult ideology. Report anyone handing-out these posters, or CD-ROMs containing Falun Gong Cult propaganda which spreads lies about the Communist Party of China. Remember – it is illegal to possess this material and you (and your family) must not collect it or have access to it in any way. Falun Gong Cult ideology is a Western (racist) misinterpretation of traditional Chinese culture and we must not let it infiltrate our country. Do not talk to these people if you see them – but report their presence immediately to the nearest police officer. Do not let your children go anywhere near these people as the Falun Gong Cult routinely kidnaps young children as sex-slaves, new recruits or for ransom, etc!  Be careful and be safe at this important time of year! 

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