A Mind Free of Conditioning (佛心)

There it is. Reality as the Buddha perceived it, explained through the expert use of words that appear to transcend the dynamics of language. All individual minds are unique in the sense that they manifest psychological ability through the filter of personal conditionality, and it can also be said that there is one psychological essence (mind) in the universe, expressed through many different bodies. Mind is not a monolithic entity, however, but just as consciousness is light, mind shines into every corner of reality equally. and illuminates the darkness through the process of perception. Good is best, bad is worse, and neutral is acceptable. From here on in, we are on our own. Where we place ourselves – the centre of our living reality – in this psychic opera, determines the existence we experience. Every path of development offers a definition of where we are, a vision of where we want to go, and a map explaining the direction. A great deal of our time is taken, if we are not careful, in arguing about the merit of each rescue package, to the extent that no meaningful journey is ever embarked upon. Indeed, for many it is the thrill of the hunt, (rather than the hunt itself) that constitutes reality, with any threat of development becoming a type of distracting entertainment. In the meantime, the seconds tick away… 

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