Lugansk Union of Communists Condemn Paris Terrorist Attacks! (15.11.2015)

Marxist-Leninism Has Always Condemned ‘Terrorism’ as being ‘Anti-Worker’!

Communist Party of Lugansk – Russian Language


The memory of the ‘victims of terroristism’ was honoured in Lugansk, in front of the office of the OSCE mission. The organizers of the requiem were a number of public organizations of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR), including the Union of Communists of the Luhansk region. LNR Prime Minister Gennady Tsypkalov and LNR Parliament Speaker Alexei Karyakin – who spoke to those gathered. Protesters laid flowers and lit candles in respectful memory to the victims of terrorism. .

The people of Lugansk region, who know firsthand the horrors of fascistic terrorism, grieve over this tragedy. Tens of thousands of innocent victims fell at the hands of the illegal (neo-Nazi) Ukrainian junta, which unleashed a bloody genocide against the Russian-speaking population. Therefore, the residents of Donbass cannot remain indifferent to the tragedy in Europe, and support the foreign policy of Russia, aimed at combating the world evil of a resurgent neo-Nazism.

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