Type-62 Tank in Kampuchea (1980)

VitKam1-timg (16)
Type-62 Light Tank – People’s Republic of Kampuchea 

A pro-People’s Republic of Kampuchea tank – replete with Kampuchean flag – in the service of the invading Vietnamese Army (which had entered the country in late 1978 and ousted the Khmer Rouge from power in 1979). The conquering Vietnamese would not leave Kampuchea until 1989! The defeated Khmer Rouge retreated into the jungle and continued to receive local support and to resist this invasion. The Vietnamese (under Li Sun) sided with the USSR and the US after the death of Ho Chi Minh in 1969. Bizarrely, Socialist Vietnam started collaborating with the US from 1973 onwards, and whilst under USSR and US influence pursued an overtly ‘anti-China’ policy which culminated in the invasion and destruction of Democratic Kampuchea (1975-1979). Vietnam was punished for this behaviour by a short-lived (but destructive) invasion of North Vietnam by the Chinese PLA in early 1979, and it was under Vietnamese occupation that the mythology surrounding a ‘genocide’ was carefully established, preserved and exported. Socialist Vietnam – whilst raging a pro-Western aggressive war against an ally of China tried to fabricate a noble cause for this illegal action, by suggesting that ethnic Vietnamese were being mass murdered by the Khmer Rouge. This has now entered the general consciousness as being ‘real’ (with the UN finding the Khmer Rouge guilty of ‘Communist Genocide’ in 2014), with no mention of how many tens of thousands (or more) the US (illegally) killed in the area, how many were killed in the civil war, or indeed how many the 100,000-strong Vietnamese Army killed as it entered Democratic Kampuchea in 1978! Needless to say, the genocide industry in modern Kampuchea is used to charge tourists money to look at the unburied remains, with specially trained guides (usually too young to have lived through the time period in question) carefully conveying the stories they have been trained to remember. Of course, I fully condemn any and all arbitrary killing for whatever eason, and I would ask fellow travellers to stop accepting narratives at face value, and look behind the scenes for motives and alternative explanations. US militarism killed millions throughout Southeast Asia during the 1960s and 1970s but this crime is never referred to as a ‘Capitalist Genocide’!

Chinese Language Source: http://mini.eastday.com/a/160410105409561.html?btype=index&subtype=guonei&idx=0&ishot=0

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