The Ongoing Socialist Transformation (and Protection) of Old Lhasa! (2013)

Lhasa City Old Town Protection Project is Under Construction. (Source: China Tibet Net)

Original Article: 拉萨老城区地下管线综合工程完成近半

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Nowadays, walking around the ancient streets of Lhasa, people can feel that the Old Town Protection Project is in full swing. Water supply and drainage renovation, power line transformation, and comprehensive pipeline transformation… All work is being carried out in an orderly manner. “As of mid-March, the Comprehensive Underground Pipeline Project – as part of the Old City Protection Project – has excavated 4 sections and 39 lanes, with nearly half of these projects being completed. All this has happened in confunction with the Building Energy Efficiency Renovation Project, and has seen the revovation (and improvement) of the beautiful Sinan Temple [思南院 Si Nan Yuan] (with its many beautiful waterways)! Six buildings have received special attention (with scaffolding being set-up), as well as an extensive project of removing old or out of date billboards and signage. The next phase will be facade renovation and rainwater pipe replacement and updating, together with new doors and windows, etc., together with painting wall and white-washing(or ‘flour painting’). All this information was conveyed to me n the 5th of April (2013), the person in Command of Engineering within the Lhasa Old Town Protection Protection.

Walking on Beijing East Road and Linkuo East Road, the sound of excavators, air compressors and other machines continued to roar; large trucks carrying dirt and rocks shuttled back and forth; workers transported steel bars, laid pipes, and were busy… This is currently a comprehensive Protect that is underway.

On the 5th, the reporter saw in Danjielin Road area (confirmed by the local Community Committee) that the underground pipeline project of the old city has been completed and the road surface had been fully restored. Shaft construction is currently underway. The comprehensive pipeline entry project on Beijing East Road and Linkuo East Road has also begun to be fully excavated, with a busy scene. “We go to work at 8:00 every morning, get off work at 8:00 in the evening, and occasionally work overtime.” On the afternoon of the 5th, the Master (师傅 – Shifu) Lu [卢], (who I met in the office of the Communist Party of China), was using an air gun to open the wall on the road in Linjiao East. After the reporter explained his intention, Master Lu rested for a moment and entered into the conversation with me. “Are you tired?” “Not at all!. Do not think that way! You see, they all call me ‘Native Person’ (土人 – Tu Ren – meaning ‘local’ or ‘Person of the Earth’), partly because I am covered in dust from head to toe everyday. Even though I wear protective-gloves, my hands are rough through continuous hard-work. I thought that I could participate in the Protection Project of the old city of Lhasa. I am very happy to do this very important and worthwhile work.” Master Lu told me all this whilst enthusiastically shacking my hand.

On Beijing East Road, Xiao Liu (小刘) , an excavator worker, said that he and his companions are responsible for the digging associated with the power-line and pipeline  reconstruction projects unfolding every day. “It’s not too tiring for the working class to transform the world through ardeous work. Thinking about the end of the project, the people in the old town will definitely be happier, and our hard-work is not in vain.”

Author: Ding Wenwen (丁文文)


2013年04月07日 15:41作者:丁文文来源:中国西藏网




施工现场 一派繁忙景象


5日,记者在丹杰林路、绕赛社区居委会巷子看到,老城区综合管线入地工程已经完成铺设并恢复了部分路面,目前正在进行竖井施工。位于北京东路和林廓东路上的综合管线入地工程也已开始全面开挖,一派繁忙景象。“我们每天早上8点准时上班,晚上8点下班,偶尔还会加班。”5日下午,中交一公局的工人卢师傅正在林廓东路上用气枪打通墙壁,在记者说明来意后,卢师傅拍了拍身上的土,偷空和记者聊了起来。“累不累?”“不累是假的。你看,他们都喊我‘土人 ’,每天从头到脚都是一身土。手握气枪虽然带着手套,还是磨得一手的老茧。但是,想到自己能参与拉萨老城区保护工程项目,心里甭提多高兴了。”卢师傅一边说着一边伸出自己那双长满了老茧的手给记者看。



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