Invalidation of the Worker Part III: Torturing Disabled Children in British Academy Schools (6.4.2019)


Mother sues over daughter’s suicide attempt in school isolation booth

The manner in which disabled people are treated as adults in society is exactly the same as the way in which disabled children are treated at school – basically as threats to making profits. In the privatized academy system (which sells British education to the highest bidder and the shareholders), the extra needs associated with caring for and educating a disabled child are viewed as eating into the massive profits generated by selling off the education system into private hands. As adults, employers will not employ them due to the cost of modifying the work area as a mean to facilitate an efficient exploitation of their labour. As it is much cheaper to employ a person with no disabilities, disabled people are viewed as ‘fire hazards’ (i.e. an inanimate object that can cause harm to others) and excluded from the workforce. Just as adults with disabilities are ‘excluded’ and ‘isolated’ from the workforce (and society in general), children with disabilities are ‘excluded’ and ‘isolated’ from the classroom. Anyone who cannot see that capitalism is responsible for this despicable ‘dehumanization’ of a section of society are living in cloud cuckoo land. The Tory (and LibDems) Coalition Government (2010-2015) privatized the NHS and withdrew vital treatments used by disabled people, whilst dismantling the Welfare State and suddenly eradicating a raft of benefits upon which disabled people relied upon to live. Between 2010-2016 an estimated 120,000 vulnerable British people died of medical neglect, starvation and suicide – a great many of these people were allowed to slowly starve to death by Social Services and DWP Staff – with the Death Certificates being recorded as ‘Natural Causes’, or even ‘Death by Misadventure’, but none recording a verdict of ‘murder’ committed by the British State! This is despite the United Nations effectively finding the British Government ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016 (look it up) for the death of tens of thousands of British people – a stunning verdict the British media has attempted to ‘hide’ by not publicizing it. Nevertheless, the usually rightwing Metro Newspaper (delivered free on London’s Public Transport System) broke ranks with this conspiracy of silence and recently published an article highlighting the plight of the 120,000 + people who lost their lives as a consequence of Tory and LibDems Austerity policies, triggered in-part by EU Membership Regulations that call for the dismantling of ALL ‘Socialistic’ healthcare welfare systems in its member States – a directive that has it origins within US anti-Soviet policy post-1945 – with the intention of turning Western Europe into a massive rightwing US State peddling predatory capitalism to the masses. In the meantime, no matter how many people Austerity is killing in the UK, we are continuously informed by our media that this death and destruction is better than Socialism, and that the minority government of Theresa May and her DUP Christian terrorist friends is doing a good job! The reality is that whilst our government continues to murder us, we continue to bury the bodies and it is business as usual in Parliament! Think about his when you pack your children off to school and the horrors the British State visiting on those who do not fit in… 

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