Castlerigg Stone Circle (28.6.2010)


Castlerigg Stone Circle – English Heritage

In the past I have written articles for Paranormal publications – bringing logic and reason into the subject. The Castlerigg Stone Circle is among the earliest British circles, raised in about 3000 BC during the Neolithic period. These structures are linked to the earliest of recorded cultures in the British Isles. There are similar stone circles positioned throughout Europe, and are often equated with Celtic culture, or early non-Greek influenced European culture.  These structures served spiritual and temporal functions and demonstrated humanity’s ability to plan, think logically, and change the environment through hard-work and organised labour. These structures were an important step on humanity’s long road to modernity that have become associated with all kinds of superstitious nonsense and pseudo-scientific speculation. All we can know for sure is that ancient Britons moved heavy rocks from one place to another, and arranged those rocks in various circular formations. The ability of humans to ‘build’ in this manner expressed an aspect of the human mind that could think beyond the confines of a physical organism having to fight to survive in a hostile environment. Geographical direction, climate, environmental factors (such as rivers and hills) and seasonal manifestation may well have been factors in the designing and construction of these extraordinary sites. Whatever the situation behind their construction, these sites were awe-inspiring to the ancient populations that built them, or which followed on and made use of them. Although there is much speculation upon how these structures were raised, the modern human mind must work backwards from the existing evidence and attempt to logically piece together the sequence of events that led to these stones being moved and placed  into the positions they are in today. In a very real sense, we are reverse-engineering ancient thought patterns and work strategies.



















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