The EU is Abolishing the NHS and Welfare State!

EU3 (1)

The pro-EU marches in London (and elsewhere) in recent weeks are nothing but malicious (pro-capitalist) rightwing propaganda. Just read the rules and regulations for EU membership – it’s not hard. This anti-Socialist and anti-working-class movement is deceiving a generation and playing into the hands of mindless fascism! The EU is supporting neo-Nazi regimes throughout Eastern Europe (including the Ukraine) simply because of its anti-Russian–pro-US policies. In the meantime, acting in accordance with this EU fascist ideology, the UK is having to abolish its Welfare State, NHS, Social Services, Council Housing and Free Education! It is the EU that is enforcing the ‘Austerity’ programme that has killed at least 120,000 British people since the Tories and LibDems came to power in the 2010 – for which the Tories and LibDems were found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016 by the UN! We need an end to EU fascism in the UK and a Socialist Labour Party in power to put this country back on the fight track of fairness and compassion for all!

1) All EU member states must privatise ALL nationalised industries.
2) All EU member states must privatise all utility services.
3) All EU member states must abolish ALL unions.
4) All EU member states must privatise ALL free at the point of use medical services.
5) All EU member states must privatise ALL social services in the community.
6) All EU member states must privatise ALL Socialised housing schemes (this means selling ALL council houses into private hands).
7) Zero hours contracts are to become the ‘norm’ for all EU countries.
8) All EU citizens to migrate toward Western Europe, because the EU has taken awayall Union, Welfare, Educational, Medical and Employment Rights in their own respective countries.

The EU is a racist organisation effectively administered in the name of US foreign policy, and is anti-worker and anti-Socialist. It is a rich White man’s club that through its racist policies keeps Black and Asian people firmly out of migrating into the EU Zone. Hordes of aggressive White men migrating around Europe as cheap labour destroys the local job market and turns local areas into barracks – it is not multiculturalism – but the essence of fascism! Visitors to this country are welcome as guests, work colleagues and potential citizens and should be treated with respect and decency. However, we should meet as ‘friends’ and not through EU-manufactured aggressive ‘competition’. Workers everywhere need protection through the law,

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