The Problem of US Anti-Intellectualism Part 1 – the Deceitful Origins of US Capitalism

African Slaves in the US Provided ‘Free’ Labour

European settlers invaded the Americas over the last five hundred years and stole what they saw as ‘free’ land just waiting to be settled. The problem with this attitude was that (non-European) people already occupied and lived off this land and had done so for thousands of years. This land was not ‘bought’ with money, or earned through ‘hard labour’, but simply taken either through deception, asymmetric trade (i.e. a handful of coloured glass beads for acres of land), or simply acquired through armed force and the eradication of its inhabitants through murder, displacement or enslavement. This land grabbing continued well into the 19th century, with National Parks being created for White Americans to enjoy during their leisure time, which simultaneously ‘banned’ all Native American people from living on this land or traversing it for cultural reasons. The obvious irony here, is that the country that makes a dogma of the capitalist principle of free enterprise and accumulation of profit to purchase all and sundry, actually ‘stole’ the very land for ‘free’ that (predominantly) ‘White’ Americans now buy and sell to one another (and to foreigners) whilst forcing the remaining populations of Native Americans onto small plots – or ‘Reservations’ – of land that has been deemed to be of too poor quality and low commercial value, etc. Those who advocate capitalism today in the US made their money not by working in a job and earning money, but simply by ‘stealing’ land from its original owners with a racist and murderous zeal.

This deceitful beginning to US culture might well be described as the foundation for American anti-intellectualism as the very basis of US capitalism as it exists today. Any pretence to a legitimate beginning for US commerce are undermined by the anarchic beginnings of North American settlement by migrating Europeans. Although Native Americans were enslaved (to provide ‘free’ labour for European settlers), their numbers simply were not large enough to meet the agricultural needs of the vast lands stolen by the incomers, this is why the Europeans resorted to bringing slaves from Africa. Again, US capitalism asserts that everyone must work, have no access to unions, have no associations with Socialism, and live within the means of the wages earned, and yet the very presence of slaves (that provide labour for free) undermines this assumption. African slaves were viewed as subhuman, (as were all non-White people), and their bodies and minds were subjected to all kinds of brutality, ill-treatment and degradation. These people ‘worked’ but received no money-payment for their labour. Their labour was stolen from them by their White owners. The Europeans that ‘settled’ America a) stole land from its rightful owners, and b) stole the labour of African slaves, Native Americans and other subjugated groups. White people organised and cajoled – whilst they lived (like parasites) off the labour of others that they did not pay for.

Even with Lincoln’s ‘freeing’ of the slaves, these oppressed people were only released into a ruthless US capitalist system, where as individuals, their labour attracted a very low rate of pay. Although the White Americans had scrounged off the land and labour of others, they still treated the ordinary poor White workers and their Black counterparts as ‘problems’ within society that exist to provide labour for the comfort and well-being of a controlling middle class. Workers must accept their lowly status, conform to it, and never think for themselves. As the ideology of Socialism is an antidote to this oppression, the White middle class has consistently retained its dominant and corrupt position by continuously misrepresenting and demonising a) Socialism, and b) any Socialist country or regime). This is achieved through the education system and media which portray fabricated US government narratives which are hot-wired throughout the country so that conformity to these narratives attracts good jobs, money, credit, qualifications, good food, travel, leisure and access to all of society’s institutions and establishments, etc. This positive reinforcement of lies, deception, stupidity and confused thinking establishes endless false narratives as ‘fact’, and the regurgitation of this disinformation as ‘good academia’. Anyone who sees through this charade is automatically attacked by a) those who are already brainwashed in society by false narratives, and b) by a government that is constantly watching the populace to locate, isolate and nullify any individuals who ‘wake-up’. In the meantime, we must continue to identify and counter any and all false narratives that arise within our perceptive sphere.

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