Beware the Church of Almighty God Cult (全能神教会)


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‘For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.’

Matthew 24:27

The Church of Almighty God (全能神教会 – Quan Neng Shen Jiao Hui), has a preferred name of ‘Eastern Lightning’ (as expressed in the quote from Matthew above), but also possesses the following names of ‘End of the World Church’, ‘New Song Church’, ‘Real God Church’, ‘National Evangelical Church’, ‘Seven Spirits’, ‘Second Saviour’, and ‘Capability Church’. It was founded by Zhao Weishan (赵维山) who broke away from the ‘Shouting Party’ ( 呼喊派 – Hu Han Pai) in 1989, and founded what was originally termed the ‘Church of the Source’ (源教会 – Yuan Jiao Hui), with Zhao weishan assuming that Jesus Christ has been re-born in the body of his wife – Yang Xiangbin (杨向彬). It is interesting that Zhao Weishan (a former physics teacher) would choose 1989 as the year to break from rational thinking, as this is the era of tremendous US Intelligence activity to bring down the USSR, the Communist Bloc and Communist China (culminating in the media fabricated Tiananmen Square Incident).

Although establishing his ‘church’ in Henan province, the Local Government Authorities had become concerned about the criminal activities of certain church members, who propagated anti-Chinese government rhetoric in the Chinese language, that corresponded exactly with US anti-China rhetoric in the West. Like its Falun Gong Cult co-conspirator, the Church of Almighty God deliberately targets the weak and the vulnerable to be exploited through a number of criminal activities (including murder), whilst working to destabilise Chinese society and undermine the building of Socialism.

As a consequence, the Local Chinese Government of Henan ‘banned’ the Church of Almighty God in 1991 (with the National Chinese Government ‘banning’ the cult in 1995), with Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin fleeing to Japan and establishing (with Western support), an international movement. In 2000, the pair were invited to the US (again mirroring the pattern of US interference in China’s affairs through the Falun Gong Cult), and encouraged to apply for political asylum – which was speedily granted. Joining the other US attempt at using theistic religion to bring down a Communist State, The Church of Almighty God received US money and political support to establish a headquarters for its cult in New York, regardless of the fact that mainstream Christianity in the West has condemned this movement as being heretical and in no way representing the true theology of Christianity.

The Church of Almighty God targets Catholics, Protestants and Communists, and has a particular liking for seducing young women into its sect. Once a member, the finances of the individuals is taken as church money, and women are physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused by the dominant male members. Although its activities are against US law, its criminality is tolerated in the US (as well as the US colony of Taiwan) due to the cult’s anti-Communist stance.  Zhao Weishan teaches that criminality is absolutely fine (and is free of sin) just as long as an individual believes that his wife – Yang Xiangbin – is the physical incarnation of the second-coming of Jesus Christ. This idiocy is basically the product of a US-backed ‘Nationalist’ regime that although eventually defeated, historically resisted the Chinese Communist Revolution (prior to 1949), and is premised upon an inversion of pro-Communist rhetoric. Everything condemned by the Communist Party as being old and corrupt because it favoured the ruling classes is considered ‘good’, and anything which empowers the working class is bad by the Church of Almighty God Cult. Eastern Lightning – as a anti-China movement with US-backing – which to spread its influence throughout Mongolia, Tibet and Mainland China, and in so doing, use religious ignorance and pro-capitalist rhetoric to bring down the Communist Party of China and open China up to being destroyed by the Western capitalists.

Chinese Language References:全能神教會


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