The Anatomy of a Shenyun Performance (Criminality in Motion)


The Shenyun Dance Company is a very lucrative branch of the Falun Gong Cult – a very dangerous quasi-religious movement with destructive political objectives, formulated within the offices of the CIA in America, and deployed in China through its nominal founder – Li Hongzhi (a paid CIA informer). From around the mid-1990’s onward, Li Hongzhi developed a Falun Gong Cult insurgency within Mainland China. This unremarkable and thoroughly non-descript individual was a minor office worker with no real prospects due to his bad attitude toward life. He did not possess a background in traditional Chinese culture, and had no real knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Daoism, Buddhism or traditional martial arts, and yet it is exactly within these fields of expertise that the CIA provided Li Hongzhi with his cover story. The absurdity of this fiction for ethnic Chinese people (and their allies), is that it is plain to see that Li Hongzhi has never possessed the kind of masterful background the CIA assume for him, and is consequently not qualified to speak or teach on these matters. Of course, this lack of virtue and truthfulness does not matter to the CIA, as it is engaged upon a not very well-hidden mission of attempting to destroy ‘New’ China and bringdown the Communist Party of China (CPC). For the CIA any person will do to front their racially motivated anti-China campaigns, regardless of the absurdity of the person involved. Needless to say, after Li Hongzhi had generated a religious cult that took people’s money, self-respect and lives, the CPC ‘banned’ the Falun Gong Cult in 2001 to widespread support throughout China. The Falun Gong Cult had orchestrated a network of criminal activities which involved kidnap, murder and rape, as well as theft and child sexual abuse. As the net closed around Li Hongzhi, he fled to his handlers in the US – where he now lives a life of luxury as a reward for his service to the US capitalist system. Operating out of the US, Li Hongzhi became the frontman for the Shenyun Dance Company, a new CIA initiate to spread the Falun Gong Cult throughout the Chinese diaspora (and influence Western opinion). Shenyun mixes theatre with religious and political propaganda, parading its recent converts on the TV where they can be seen clearly repeating a pre-arranged script. Their eyes are blank and their mannerisms frantic and obsessive. Enjoying a ‘live’ theatre show is presented as implicitly ‘agreeing’ with the Falun Gong Cult and all is criminal activities. Those Western and Chinese people who are caught in this web of deceit and corruption enter upon a long path of depravation and indignity – and this is only the beginning. Do not pay your money to watch Shenyun performances – this money is going directly to finance Falun Gong criminal activity.

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