Austerity and UK Royal Weddings


During times of Austerity, the middle and upper classes ensure their dominance of society by withdrawing services and financial help from the ordinary people (who make-up the majority of tax-paying citizens). This unleashes untold suffering and hardship throughout society, with the victims being blamed for the deprivation they experience. In the meantime, the media – which is controlled by the middle and upper classes – presents a contrived image that ‘everything is alright’. This class bias media focuses its lens upon the daily activities of the middle and upper classes, and revels in the hedonistic use of the wealth it has stolen (through its ‘Austerity’ programme) from the ordinary people. The media emphasises royal weddings, knighthood ceremonies, royal visits, horses races and garden parties, but steadfastly refuses to cover the fact tha since 2010 it is estimated that over 120,000 people in the UK have died from ‘Austerity’ (including between 10,000 – 80,000 people with disabilities – representing an efficiency rate of killing greater than that achieved by Adolf Hitler), culminating in the United Nations finding the Tory-Libdems Coalition Government of 2010-2015 of being Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016. Further research by Oxford University has attributed at least 30,000 extra deaths to the withdrawing of appropriate treatments and care from the NHS. On top of these major crimes committed by the Tories and LibDems whilst in national and local governance, can be added that people who are now dying in the UK from ‘malnutrition’, driving some GPs to start prescribing ‘food’ as a treatment. The ever growing numbers of homelessness is hid from direct public view by the police, who continuously ‘move on’ those with no homes – usually with threats of violence whilst their tents are destroyed by officers infront of their eyes. At all costs the homeless must be kept from key tourist attractions and the living spaces of the rich. Needless to say, the wide-spread deprivation that the middle and upper classes have deliberately initiated throughout British society, exists to achieve one major aim, and that is the destruction of Socialism in the UK. This has led to an increase in desperation and cruelty in Britain, with at least 700,000 children now in care, and an epidemic of animal abuse manifesting everywhere. Record number of suicides have been reported, whilst the mainstream media tells us all to prepare for yet another pointless royal wedding.

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