Gift from China: Karl Marx Welcomed Back in his Hometown!



Original Chinese Language Article:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

A wooden replica of the Marx statue was exhibited in advance.

(Global Times special correspondent in Germany – Qing Mu [青木]).  ‘Marx is back!’ The German newspaper ‘World News’ reported on the March 7th, 2018,  that on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Marx (May 5th), a gift from China standing 4.4 meters high and weighing 2.3 tons (namely the giant Marx bronze statue) arrived in Trier, a small town in the southwest of Germany on the afternoon of the March 6th. This is the birthplace of Karl Marx. On the same day, not only the officials of Trier City Government, but also a large number of media reporters from German TV and German News Media were present to greet the statue. These ‘Friends of the People’ gathered in Trier to video and record this event.

The statue was designed and constructed by Chinese artist Wu Weishan (吴为山). Ludwig, head of the Trier Construction Committee, told the media after unpacking the statue that Marx was the son of Trier. This statue has been presented by China to honour the city. Marx (with his family) spent the first 17 years of life in Trier. From May to October, the city will hold a series of commemorative events. This statue will be erected in early May on the Smolenstift Square near the former residence of Marx, and unveiled on May 5th, 2018.

German Southwest Television said that there was a heated debate in the city of Trier as to whether or not to accept this gift. Now this small town of 110,000 people is preparing for the arrival of Chinese tourists. In recent years, about 50,000 Chinese tourists have visited Trier each year. On the special day of Marx’s 200th birthday, the locals hope to attract even more Chinese tourists.

At the same time, there was ‘Marx fever’ in various areas of Germany. Museums in Trier and other places have organized exhibitions of Marx’s life and his works. The television stations have started to screen special programmes – one after another – dedicated to Marx. Poldat, a Marxist researcher at the Witten/Heltek University in Germany, said to Deutsche Radio: ‘Even if you are completely uninterested in Marxism, you should respect him very much.’

Original Chinese Language Source Aticle:

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