Sarah Joe Disappearance – Not So Mysterious! (1979)


Lost fishermen still cast shadow 30 years later

Below is a video that explains this incident. Throughout the net, a ‘myth’ has been propagated stating that although the wreck of the Sarah Joe (fishing boat) was discovered in a dilapidated state (in 1988) on the island of Taongi (in the northern part of the Marshall Islands roughly 2,200 miles southwest of the Hawaiian Islands, where it and its crew went missing in 1979), a US Government Survey of the island in 1984 did not spot this wreck – or the nearby grave of one of its crew (Scott Moorman). This suggests that the boat and grave were not there in 1984, but according to friends and relatives of the missing crew, the Sarah Joe (and grave) were discovered in 1984 – but this find was not reported by the personnel responsible. It seems the Sarah Joe (and its five crew) got caught in a bad storm, and at least one of the crew made it to the island (possibly after three months at sea). Whether he was alive or not is a matter of conjecture (one theory siggests he tied himself to the boat but died at sea). However, someone found and buried the dead body of Scott Moorman and within the grave was placed what seems to be Chinese ‘joss paper’, or a type of coloured tissue paper containig silver strips (this usually signifies good luck in the next life). It is thought that illegal fishermen from either Taiwan or China found the dead body and buried it with respect and consideration – even building a ‘cross’ out of driftwood.


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