Gay Communism


From what I have seen and experienced, much of the gay community in the West remains firmly wedded to the capitalist system – whilst simultaneously complaining and campaigning against the anti-gay ideology that system produces. Being pro-capitalist, the rhetoric from many gay mouth-pieces is anti-Socialist and anti-Communist. Many gays routinely parrot the latest bourgeois lie about Russia (or any Slavic nation), and equate Soviet Communism with Nazi German fascism. This is not surprising, as this is the preferred rhetoric of the US. My family, as an act of solidarity, once took-part in the London Gay Pride March and was astonished that there was no official ‘Communist’ presence. I was told that the Communist Party was represented through the unions, and that I would be kept up to date about any development regarding Gay Rights. I felt this was a nonsense, and to date I have not been contacted again about this matter. The point is that trade unions do not represent the Communist Party – it is the ordinary people and the Red Flag that represents the Communist Party – end of story. Gay people need to free their minds of bourgeois conditioning, and unite with the ordinary proletariat to fight fascist oppression and free the working class from capitalist oppression. The Soviet Union over-ran the Nazi German Death Camps and cared for the inhabitants still held within – including ‘homosexuals’. There is a very profound and important difference between Communism and Nazism – which are diametrically opposed to one another. All true Communists will fight for ALL people to be free of fascist (and capitalist) oppression. Of course, this does not apply to Trotskyites, modern Russian nationalism, or the fascist movement in Russia termed ‘National Bolshevism’ (an integration of certain misrepresented Bolshevik attitudes and Hitlerism). The Russian Orthodox Church ensured that when Russia was under Czarist rule, homosexuality was ‘outlawed’. In 1917, Lenin abolished ALL Czarist law – including the anti-gay laws. For this progressive action he should be remembered and respected by the gay community. Later, the Soviet Union passed the first anti-child abuse laws – but there was an assumption that gay men sexually abused young boys. Homosexuality between women was not acknowledged (or opposed) within the USSR. I am told that as a number of leading Bolsheviks were known to be ‘gay’, Lenin was not interested in any anti-gay legislation. As regards the anti-child abuse law, it was not used against the gay community as such, but was used to break the habit of allowing sexual activity happening too young within backward or poorly educated communities. Child brides, incest, sexual abuse and child rape, were all tackled by this law. For some strange reason, the US tried to infiltrate the major cities of the USSR with a gay ‘fetish’ culture, that was not suitable for the Soviet mind-set or cultural setting. Within this fetish was the idea that the Soviet Union must be over-thrown. Stalin dealt with these infiltrators and expelled them back to the West. This was not an ‘anti-gay’ act, but rather one of ‘anti-capitalism’ and preserving the Revolution. It is only through such a Proletariat Revolution that ALL gay people can be ‘free’. Interestingly, it was under the Trotskyite Nikita Khrushchev that homosexuality was declared a ‘mental illness’, or a bourgeois diversion. This comes down to the debate within the medical community, as to whether gayness is ‘natural’ or ‘acquired’. Although interesting, the point is that ALL gay people must be protected from fascism, regardless of the origin of their gayness. Gay people need to rally round the Red Flag and claim it as their own!

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