Ousting the Odious LibDems Out of Sutton (28.9.2017)!



The LibDems – as part of the ‘Coalition’ government with the Tories 2010-2015 – were complicit in the privatisation of the NHS and the dismantling of the British Welfare State. The LibDems (along with the Tories) were also found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the United Nations (UN) in 2016 for the deaths of an estimated 10,000 people with disabilities in the UK – as a direct result of welfare cuts, NHS treatment, and social services. The LibDems certainly have blood on their hands – and are unfit as a ‘conservative’ party to govern either nationally or locally. In Sutton the LibDems tried to privatise the bins in the late 1990’s – but local people rebelled then and the decision was reversed. This year (2017), saw the LibDems ‘monetise’ our rubbish yet again with a ‘new’ privatisation plan involving the complete disregard of local opinion. We need to get a Labour MP into Parliament representing Sutton and Cheam, and a Labour-led Local Council in Sutton and Cheam to facilitate a real change. Do not be fooled by so-called ‘independent’ candidates – as they are usually closet Tories, or members of the far-right.

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