Myanmar: Rohingya’s or Bengali’s?


President Obama – the architect of a resurgent neo-Nazism in the Ukraine and a supporter of Israeli terrorism – congratulates Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi on her running of Myanmar – despite ongoing ethnic violence between the Burmese Authorities (supported by some orders of Buddhist monks) and the Islamic Rohingya minority which mainly live in the northern region of Rakhine State, Apparently, Aung San Suu Kyi has personally requested that US diplomats do not use the word ‘Rohingya’ – as this suggests these people are ethnic Burmese (and have a right to remain in Myanmar despite their citizenship being taken away from them in 1982) – but rather refer to them as illegal Bengali immigrants. From what I can gather from Chinese language sources, the Rohingya are descendants of Arab merchants who visited and settled in Myanmar in the 15th century CE. Further historical research demonstrates that certain factions in the Rohingya community did take-up arms and fought for the British colonial forces during WWII (against the ethnic Burmese Buddhist who mainly supported the invading Japanese – perceiving the Imperial Japanese Forces as ‘liberators’ from European imperialism), and continued after WWII to continue to fight for the Rakhine State of Myanmar to break away and become part of Eastern Pakistan (now Bangladesh) from the late 1940’s to the early 1970’s. The Burmese Authorities refer to the Rohingya as Islamic terrorists opposed to Myanmar Buddhism and culture, with official Myanmar State media reporting that recently there have been a number of large-scale terrorist attacks by Rohingya ‘insurgent’.

Chinese Language Articles:

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