Tory NHS Privatisation: My Response To Sutton & Cheam MP Paul Scully (2.8.2017)


Dear Mr Paul Scully MP

Thank you for your most appreciated email and invitation.

Unfortunately, since the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition ’privatised’ the British National Health Service (NHS) in 2012, and considering the current Tory Administration (under Prime Minister Theresa May) is continuing apace to finish the privatisation of the NHS before the UK formally leaves the European Union (EU) in early 2019, you will, I am sure, understand when I state that the British people have no confidence in this current Tory Administration, and view all Tory MPs as mouth-pieces for the dismantling of the British Welfare System, Social Care, and of course, a comprehensive NHS free at the point of use. You will be aware, no doubt, of the cases of people dying throughout the collapsing NHS (as detailed in the national press by Professor Stephen Hawkins), and the tragic example revealed in Croydon recently, detailing the death (through Virgin Care medical neglect) of 30-year-old Madhumita Manda:

You will be further aware, of course, that your name (as a Tory MP) is linked locally in Sutton and Cheam with the scaling-down of medical services, the de-skilling of NHS staff, and the eventual closure of St Helier Hospital – an event I am assured (behind the scenes) will happen regardless of any public meetings, or Tory propaganda broadcasts to the contrary. As I have family and friends who work throughout the NHS, we are well aware of the terminal (and continued) devastation the Tories (and LibDems) have wrought upon the NHS and its dedicated staff – and the fact that NHS staff are being arbitrarily ‘sacked’ for voicing concerns about the danger that tax-paying NHS patients are facing from lack of ambulances, hospital beds, GP Services, access to Consultants, and being cared for by properly trained (and paid) medical staff. This tragic situation of Tory mis-management of the British nation is compounded by the top 10% of wealthy people in the UK receiving tax-cuts, whilst the tax-burden for ordinary people has increased – despite the fact that ordinary British people receive less and less in public services for the taxes they pay.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles

From: Paul Scully MP <>

Subject: Public Meeting – Securing St Helier AND a new local hospitalDate:Thursday,

August 31, 2017 13:54

Dear Adrian,

I want to invite you to a public meeting I am hosting next week to discuss the future of healthcare in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park.

The meeting will be held at Sutton College on Thursday 7th September from 7pm and I will be joined by the Chief Executive of the Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, Daniel Elkeles.

This is an exciting time for local healthcare. We now have confirmation from the NHS Trust and the Health Secretary that St Helier Hospital is safe and here to stay. We now need your input to help the Trust deliver a brand new hospital for local residents in Sutton.

The Trust is seeking £300m-£400m to build a new acute facility either at St Helier Hospital, Epsom Hospital or a facility working in partnership with the Royal Marsden on the Sutton Hospital site. In all options, St Helier will remain open and the Trust will continue to provide 100% of the services it currently provides, including A&E and Maternity services, locally, and 85% of patients will continue to be treated on the same site as they are currently.

However, to do this, the Trust needs to be able to demonstrate to NHS England that the Trust’s plans are worth getting behind and they have local support.  Which site is chosen should NHS England support this will be subject to debate and consultation further down the line. This stage is simply about getting local people to tell the NHS that we need investment to have hospital buildings that match the excellent staff that we have throughout both Epsom and St Helier hospitals.

This public meeting will give you more information about the plans and the opportunity to ask questions about the future of healthcare in Sutton. You can also see more including a short video at

You can register to attend by visiting St Helier Eventbrite. Space is limited, so please register to avoid disappointment.

I hope to see you there.

Best wishes,


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