Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong (1995): By James W. Loewen


The Homepage of James W. Loewen

This is not a new book, but it gives the state of play in US pseudo-history manufacturing up until 1995 (although it was re-published in 2008) – 5 years after the first Gulf War (1990-91), 4 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union (1991), 2 years after a massacre occurred outside the Russian parliament (committed by the new capitalist authorities against supporters of the Soviet Union) 1993, and 2 years after President Clinton signed into law (in 1993) a statue to be placed in a Washington park, purportedly commemorating the so-called ‘Victims of Communism’ (this statue wasn’t unveiled until 2004 by George W Bush). This book covers what I would call ‘foundational’ historical myths that fabricate past US history so that it falls into line with US Cold War policy (which depicts the US through the filter of Judeo-Christian mythology, with America being ‘good’ (and ‘god-like), and the Soviet Union (and Communist Bloc) as being ‘evil’ (and ‘Devil-like’). This observation explains why it is that the US population more or less exists is a state of ‘official’ ignorance, and lives it’s life through officially manufactured historical myths. For instance, the lie is often taught that Black people took-over the government of the Southern States after the American Civil War – but were so ‘unable’ that Whites had take back control (when in fact, Blacks and Whites successfully administered the government of Mississippi). President Woodrow Wilson was a notorious racist who intensified ‘segregation’ in the US, pursued a policy of invading South American counties, and continuously misrepresented Russia as a potential aggressor – with many Americans not knowing that the US invaded Revolutionary Russia between 1918-1920 (under Wilson’s direction). Helen Keller – the blind and death lady who learned to effectively read and write – became a radical Socialist in her adulthood due to the fact that disability affected by far the poor and the working class due to poverty, discrimination and oppression. Of course, the US media turned against her, and printed all kinds of discriminatory articles – not only demeaning her life, career and abilities – but also proving the point she was making. Of course, just as the US authorities misrepresent its own history, it also misrepresents the the history of the International Communist Movement (i.e. the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam, etc). It is interesting how a proportion of Black America – now view the principle of ‘integration’ as wrong – mimicking the attitudes held by many White racists! of course, a whole new chapter of lies has been written since the 911 terror attacks in 2001. Finally, you can tell why Trump got into power when 22% of US college students thought the Vietnam War was fought between North and South Korea – and only ended when Truman dropped the A-Bomb on Vietnam! Of course, it can be added that the rise of the internet has enabled many ordinary US citizens to undertake their own research, and expose many of these racist myths for themselves, but that fact remains that by and large, the US (bourgeois) media now acts entirely inaccordance with US rightwing State dogma, and acts as a permanent counter-weight to any internet-based freedom. Facts about major events, for instance, may well be readily available on the internet that contradict ‘official’ accounts, but this does not seem to matter just as long as the mainstream media pumps-out the ‘official line’. It would be interesting to learn what James Loewen thinks about the ‘new’ (post-911) position of the US media – which behaves very much like the media of 1930’s Nazi Germany. Whereas under the days of Cold War lying – the US media attempted the facade of ‘impartiality’, today its attitude is very much one of dumbed-down totalitarianism, ridicule, and anti-intellectualism. 

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