China: Was Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬) Damaged by Taijiquan ‘Internal Force’?


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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Following his unusual ‘fight’ with Taijiquan practitioner – Master Wei Lei (魏雷) – MMA practitioner – Xu  Xiaodong (徐晓冬) has behaved in an even more bizarre manner than is usual for him, even taking into account his arrogant and disrespectful attitude, and mediocre martial arts skills. To capitalise on his apparent ‘victory’ over Master Wei Lei – Xu Xiaodong intended to hold a global news conference (on Sunday the 7th of May), where he was going to announce the death of traditional Chinese martial arts. However, in a dramatic twist, Xu Xiaodong issued the following public statement (via his blog) on May 6th – cancelling the intended news conference at short notice:


‘Sorry to inform everyone, but due to my ill health, this weekend’s intended news conference has been cancelled for the time being. Thanks again for your attention. For the disturbance I have caused to everyone in recent days, I am very sorry,’

There is no doubt that this is completely out of character for the usually brash Xu Xiaodong – who has been on a quest to prove ‘no tradition and virtue’ is better than ‘tradition and virtue’. This situation has led netizens in China to ask the question; ‘Has brother Dong been internally damaged by the hidden power of Taijiquan?’ Netizens are discussing the idea that Wei Lei may well be a great Taijiquan master after-all, and in fact inflicted serious internal damage on Xu Xiaodong (preferring to call him by the more respectful ‘Wei Lei’, than the more informal ‘Lei Lei’).

Although Master Wei Lei has denied using or even knowing Taijiquan ‘internal force’ (内力 – Nei Ti), it appears that he may well have deployed this technique – disguising its use by falling to the floor. The use of ‘spirit technique’ (神功 – Shen Gong), may well have physically and psychologically ‘shocked’ Xu Xiaodong, with the obvious physical effects manifesting some days later. Certainly, for at least three days after the ‘fight’ Xu Xiaodong was acting irrationally, and saying all kinds of weird and unusual things.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language Article:







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