China: Fugitive MMA Expert Xu Xiaodong [徐晓冬] Summoned by Chengdu Police (6.5.2017)

Mixed Martial Artist – Xu Xiaodong

Original Chinese Language Article By: Zhou Chao (周超)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

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China: Was Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬) Damaged by Taijiquan ‘Internal Force’?

Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) enthusiast Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬) is to be question by Chengdu police regarding his sparring match with the Taijiquan practitioner known as ‘Lei Gong’ (雷公). Following Lei Gong (also known as ‘Lei Lei’) slipping on the floor (and Xu Xiaodong repeatedly punching him to the head) Xu Xiaodong won a certain notoriety for his Boxing Gym in Beijing – but many were dissatisfied and uncomfortable with what they saw during the 20 second fight video – which Xu Xiaodong deliberately posted it on’ Youku’ in an attempt to court controversy and attention for his Western-style martial arts school.

To add to the interest he has received in the West from those who perceive Xu Xiaodong’s actions as an attack upon Chinese culture (and political system), Xu Xiaodong (and his supporters) planned a ‘global’ news conference in Beijing as a means to cement Xu Xiaodong’s apparent new found celebrity status – but at the last moment – Xu Xiaodong cancelled the event and withdrew from public view – citing health reasons for his decision. In fact, New Wave Sport has learned that Xu Xiaodong has been summoned from Beijing back to Chengdu to face police questioning over his behaviour before, during after his sparring match with the Taijiquan practitioner Lei Gong.

It appears that the legal position is that Xu Xiaodong’s behaviour is not inaccordance with modern Chinese law, and could be construed as a threat to public health, peace and security. The lawful guidelines for martial arts practice and training are clear for all to learn and understand. Chinese martial arts are an ancient science that are dangerous in the wrong hands. Xu Xiaodong’s approach amounts to ‘thuggery’ in the training hall which has attracted the attention of a number of highly accomplished and dangerous martial arts practitioners in China, who are willing to ‘spar’ with Xu Xiaodong in a ‘no holds barred’ contest that could theoretically lead to him being seriously injured or even killed. This has led to the further speculation that Xu Xiaodong might be in police custody for his own safety, as a means to protect him from the consequences of his own (ignorant) actions. In the meantime, Xu Xiaodong’s telephone is off the hook, and we will keep you informed of any further developments.

Chinese Language Reference:

传徐晓冬遭成都警方传唤调查 手机已打不通











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