How Facebook is Assisting the Tories to Bring Down the British NHS


This is a screen-shot of an advertisement that Facebook transmitted through everyone’s personal account without their knowledge or consent of the individuals concerned, on 27.4.2017 – this is how Facebook makes its money since it started to ‘float’ its shares on the stock exchange, through unsolicited advertising.  Such obviously rightwing adverts demonstrates Facebook’s fascistic political agenda, which supports racist US foreign policy, and of course the oppression of the Palestinians by Zionist Israel. Here, British citizens – who already ‘pay’ for free medical treatment at the point of use (through taxation) – are encouraged to give-up this Socialist approach to collective health, and pay again for ‘private’ health through greed-orientated insurance companies. These insurance companies do not care about the health of the individuals, but rather about making and retaining obscene amounts of monetary profit for private use only.

This is the post I made on Facebook recording yesterday’s events:

‘Facebook carried two commercial posts today – one advertising health insurance, asking all UK citizens to abandon the NHS and sign up for private medical cover – whilst the other featured a video of the unelected Tory prime minister Theresa May in a video asking for your vote, because the party that privatised the NHS is apparently the party that cares for families! The Tory party does possess one unique distinction that it shares with the Liberal Democrats – namely it was found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the UN in 2016 – for the deaths of at least 10,000 British disabled people since 2010 (some estimates state 80,000) – due entirely to Austerity-led benefit and medical cuts. The Tories and LibDem policies made the UK the only country in Europe to be charged with, and subsequently found ‘Guilty’ of such a crime (outside of Nazi Germany).’

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