The ‘Selective’ Insight of Bart Sibrel


‘Truthers’ are a curious breed, but in the art of political propaganda they punch well above their weight. As their written articles and Youtube videos are spread insidiously throughout society, it is their attitudes and opinions that permeate the masses in a manner that undermines national governments, and the media such governments control. A child might sit in science lessons all week, learning about the Apollo Moon Missions, but in the evenings and at weekends, access ‘alternative’ media and ingest all kinds of ‘conspiracy’ and ‘hoax’ orientated theories. Adults too, supposedly mature enough to know what’s what, might not agree with everything a conspiracy theorist states, but is nevertheless prone to re-enforcing certain elements of a conspiracy theory (such as implicit attitudes of ‘racism’ toward another ethnic group) that resonates with their ‘gut feeling’. In the case of most ‘truthers’, this implies a heady mix of pro-rightwing politics with an anti-establishment attitude, but NEVER includes a criticism of capitalism. On the Youtube video below, Bart Sibrel gives a very interesting radio interview, explaining ‘why’ he believes the Apollo Moon Landings were ‘faked’ by a desperate US government that had fallen far behind the scientific accomplishments of the Soviet Union. Sibrel quite rightly states that the Soviet Union had (dialectically) been first at every single human achievement in space – but that suddenly (and improbably) the US managed to pull-off the most difficult of space achievements (landing Apollo 11 on the Moon in 1969) as if ‘out of the blue’, and never managed to do anything else like it ever since.

Despite his sometimes cogent and convincing arguments (many of which cannot always be easily dismissed), Bart Sibrel often mentions the Christian bible as being the motivating force behind his anti-establishment attitudes. Normally, ‘creationists’ use the bible to discredit rational science, in an attempt to regress modern society back into a state of theological enthralment, and this must be considered when assessing Bart Sibrel’s over-all intentions. Like many ‘truthers’ with ‘hidden’ rightwing agendas, Bart Sibrel’s logic is often inconsistent, and varies from the brilliant to the absurd – sometimes in very quick succession (a symptom found in many, if not all conspiracy theories). His coverage of China’s Space Programme is one such example, as it perpetuates illogicality and the usual anti-Chinese racism that emanates from within the USA. Bart Sibrel states simultaneously that China internally teaches its school children that the Apollo Moon Landings were ‘faked’, whilst pursuing a foreign policy of stating publically that the Apollo Moon Landings were ‘real’. When asked why he thinks China would follow this strange policy, Bart Sibrel responds by re-enforcing the ‘Tiananmen Square’ myth of 1989. He states that such a strange and contradictory policy should be expected from a country that ran-over its own citizens with ‘tanks’ because they wanted ‘democracy’. It is strange that a man who considers himself an expert in ‘seeing through’ establishment propaganda in the West, is unable to apply the same tools of analysis with regard to Tienanmen Square, and appears to be ‘unaware’ of the Wikileaks revelation that the US government (under Reagan) colluded with the BBC and Fox News to ‘fabricate’ a ‘disturbance’ in Beijing that was apparently ‘pro-Western’ in nature. Chinese people I have met and interviewed who were present in Tienanmen Square on the day in question, tell me that the demonstration was good natured, non-violent and was in support of the China’s Communist Party. As the Wikileaks document reveals, there was no government inspired violence in Beijing on that day, and that the Chinese government’s view was ‘correct’. Furthermore, the Chinese State teaches in its schools that the Apollo Moon Landings happened – but also include references to ‘disputes’ and ‘doubts’ surrounding some of the film footage and photographs. In short, contrary to Bart Sibrel’s statements, the Chinese government has never ‘denied’ the reality of the Moon Landings, despite the fact it acknowledges certain ‘doubts’ held by some Westerners. I include two Chinese language references about this, but there are many more on the Chinese language internet search-engine ‘Baidu’ supporting my observations and disproving those of Bart Sibrel. The point is if Bart Sibrel can be so spectacularly ‘wrong’ about China, how can the rest of what he has to say be ‘trusted’ as fact?

Lastly, Bart Sibrel states that the bible inspired him to search for the truth that is ‘good’. He illustrates this ideal by re-enforcing the Judeo-Christian dichotomy of the universe being split into ‘good’ and ‘evil’ aspects, with ‘good’ being associated with ‘god’, and ‘bad’ with the ‘evil’ of the devil. Bart Sibrel states that to feed a homeless person is ‘good’, whilst to rape someone is bad. What he fails to appreciate is that the ‘capitalist’ socio-economic conditions that generate homelessness is equally bad, and that the ‘capitalist’ socio-economic conditions that create a rapist are also bad – as a Christian he does not look beyond the surface inequalities of life as he perceives them. I would say that feeding a homeless person whilst simultaneously ‘ignoring’ the inequalities within society that create homelessness, can be construed as bad because such action does nothing to uproot the causes of homelessness, but actually perpetuates it. Simply preventing rape on the physical level is useful, but would it not be better to uproot the dysfunctional psychological and physical conditions that lead to this kind of terrible sexual violence? Of course it would, but this would mean that Bart Sibrel would have to extend his criticism of the system to include that of exposing the oppressive nature of capitalism – but as modern Christianity supports capitalism and its inequalities – I suspect Bart Sibrel will not be in any hurry.

English Language Reference:

Chinese Language References:阿波罗计划 (Apollo Moon Landings as Fact)阿波罗登月计划阴谋论 (Apollo Moon Landings as Fake)

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