President Trump, US Imperialism, and Racialized Buddhism


‘The Vietnam war was, at the time, the longest armed conflict in American history, leading to the deaths of some 58,000 American servicemen and an eventual, ignominious retreat. Estimates inevitably vary for the deaths among the populations of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. But a figure of around three million is widely accepted…’

(Andrew Alexander: America, Imperialism, Ignorance – Page 173)


‘An order was sent out from Washington to the Far East Bureau to immediately select a handful of Tibetans for “external training as a pilot team that would infiltrate their homeland and assess the state of resistance.” The US objective was to destabilise China…’

(Mikel Dunham: Buddha’s Warriors – the CIA in Tibet – Page 194)

By and large, the election of the far-right Donald Trump to the Presidency of the USA has gone uncriticised by the bourgeois fetish that passes as American Buddhism specifically, and Western Buddhism in general. This is because those ‘White’ people who mimic Asian Buddhism in the US, will not be the victims of Trump’s inherently ‘racist’ attitudes, which will be reserved (amongst others) for Asians that are ethnic Buddhists. This attitude demonstrates the hypocrisy of what Western Buddhism has become, and reveals its thoroughly bourgeois nature. Whereas Buddhism in the East retains its revolutionary and transformative nature (with many Buddhist monks actively combating the excesses of capitalism), Western Buddhists use the Dharma as a means to retain their ‘White’ class privilege and the exploitative status quo. US Buddhists are currently engaged in ‘protecting’ and ‘supporting’ President Trump, and attempting to ‘defuse’ the understandable outrage at his racist policies, by packaging the criticism aimed at him by the general population, as bring ‘delusional’. This is often the tactic that Western Buddhists use to support racism and far-rightwing policies – whilst claiming to be ‘detached’ from the political process itself.  Of course, this is not Buddhism, but rather a form of distorted Christianity with superficial Buddhist characteristics. This is exactly the Christianised-Buddhism encouraged by such Asian Buddhist leaders in the West that ‘sell’ the Dharma to gullible Westerners – leaders such as the Vietnamese Thích Nhat Hanh and the Tibetan 14th Dalai Lama. Thích Nhat Hanh was in fact the disciple of the great Vietnamese Buddhist Master Thích Quang Duc (1897-1963), who set-fire to himself whilst maintaining a perfect meditation posture (until his death), in front of news cameras, in protest to US and Catholic imperialism in Vietnam. This fact has been excised from the biography of Thích Nhat Hanh because he started collaborating with US imperialism as early as 1960, before permanently resettling in France, yet another colonial exploiter of Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. Today, Thích Nhat Hanh is viewed as an authority on Buddhism, and is busy selling a distorted Dharma to anyone who will listen. The 14th Dalai Lama too, has actively participated with Nazi Germans and US imperialism, colluding with the myth that China invaded Tibet, whilst ordering young Tibetans to set-fire to themselves for a cause that does not exist. What is interesting is that the website ‘religious mind’ recently published an article stating that Donald Trump will look toward both Thích Nhat Hanh and the Dalai Lama, as a means of gaining spiritual advice. However, this article, although apparently ‘fake’, says nothing about Trump’s racism, or the distorted Buddhism (offered for a price), peddled by these two charlatans. This appears to be a trend in the US where the religions are quite happy for Trump to be President, and are unconcerned about his racism, or threats of ethnic cleansing. Although a ‘fake’ article, its sentiment represents a more general malaise throughout Buddhist America, and of course, the religious community in general. Buddhism in the US has become ‘polluted’ by the greed of capitalism and is perfectly willing to sit back and allow an openly racist President do as he pleases. The US system is thoroughly corrupt and needs to be over-thrown. Thích Nhat Hanh should go back to Vietnam to stand trial for treason. The 14th Dalai Lama should return to the Tibetan part of China and apologise to the Tibetan and Chinese people, before standing trial for treason.


President Elect Donald Trump made yet another headline statement on Friday morning when he stated that he would rather seek guidance from religious leaders like Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh instead of Pope Francis.

The statement comes as no surprise to many as Pope Francis made several controversial statements questioning Trumps candidacy and his election win.  He once said Trump is not a christian, adding that “”a person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,”

The rift between the two was evident from the beginning of the Election campaign and today’s statement by Trump will not be last according to political analysts.

“Dalai Lama is a great human being with a great sense of humor. I know he mocked me lightly once and that was entertaining to me” Said Trump. “He is a great teacher and spending time with him brings joy. Dalai Lama was wise not to get involved in US politics. In contrast to our Pope who was acing as if he was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager ” Trump added with a satirical look on his face.

“Many American companies including Apple and Microsoft have received amazing spiritual guidance from Zen teachers such as Thich Nhat Hanh and I look forward to talk to these Zen teachers to practice consciousness and mindfulness to better perform as the president to make America truly great again.”

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