US Marine Corps: From Citizen to Unthinking Trained Killer

Every year, the capitalist system of the United States ‘recruits’ ordinary young men and women into the US Marine Corps.  This is an elite front-line military unit (linked to the US Navy), the members of which are trained to be highly aggressive in the face of the enemy, because the US Government uses them as ‘shock troops’.  This means that US Marines are often the first US troops encountered by any enemy – and that encounter is designed to be destructive in the extreme for that enemy – both psychologically and physically.  Physical standards are maintained by intense training schedules and routines, with any perceived or actual ‘weaknesses’ leading to individual recruits being arbitrarily and immediately discharged.  This creates a self-contained (and fictitious) sense of ‘achievement’ within a psycho-physical environment, cut-off from ordinary life. The US Marine Corps is not democratic in any way, but is hierarchical and despotic in nature. This is a very different set-up to the ‘People’s Armies’ common within revolutionary movements, or the military of Socialist States. Whereas Communist soldiers discipline themselves toward the common-end of liberating the working class from capitalist oppression, the US Marine Corps ‘brain-washes’ the youth of the United States to fight for, and kill in the name of, the capitalist system.  This typically ‘oppressive’ means of training capitalist armies is invariably (and falsely) presented to the volunteer as ‘fighting for freedom’.  It is a funny type of ‘freedom’ that deprives an individual of his or own self-determination.  What is distressing about the recruitment process of capitalist nations, is that the youth of those countries is misled into becoming unthinking killers for the capitalist system, when in fact, if they had not undergone this kind of psycho-physical conditioning, they might well have retained their sense of moral direction, and actually spoke-out against many of the atrocities committed by the US Marine Corps, either on or off the battlefield.  US Marines have been known to rape, torture and murder civilians both in peacetime (see the Okinawan rapes, some of which involved children), or the killing of harmless wounded on the battlefield (or in a mosque, etc), examples of which are included below:

US Marine confesses to raping Japanese tourist in Okinawa

Okinawa Rape Suspect’s Lawyer Gives Dark Account : Japan: Attorney of accused Marine says co-defendant admitted assaulting 12-year-old girl ‘just for fun.’


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