Russia: Systema – Relaxed, Aligned Hitting

What the Russians are doing here, is the advanced physics found within the Chinese martial art of Taijiquan, whereby the muscles are relaxed and the bones and joints permanently aligned, so that the bodyweight drops into the ground with no obstruction, and ‘rebounds’ back up through the skeletal system (stimulating the bone marrow) to be emitted through any part of the body – all achieved without any undue effort, or excessive muscular tension.  This is the harnessing of complete body weight which can be expressed at any-time and in any place, providing the practitioner is existent within a gravitational field.  The relaxation and alignment creates what is called ‘external’ and ‘internal’ iron-vest.  External iron-vest allows the musculature to appropriately ‘tense’ only at the ‘exact’ point of contact between the defending body and the attacking limb – immediately relaxing once the incoming power has been harmlessly dissipated through the exterior of the body tissue and away from the inner organs.  Internal iron-vest is the use of the correctly placed bones and joints so that the body structure can ‘repel’ incoming power through the correctly placed bones or joints (back into the attacker’s limb), or absorb the incoming power through the bones and joints, radically dissipating  the opponent’s power.  In developed (Chinese martial arts) practice, and I suspect it is the same for systema, both types of iron-vest are simultaneously deployed, as well as full bodyweight emission, and full energy absorption from away an opponent.  Although fighting is an inherently ;violent’ activity, there is an implicit ‘peacefulness’ to this attainment and practice.  Russian Systema is a martial art worthy of study and respect.

My family martial arts webpage:

Ch’an Dao Martial Arts Association


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