1959: USSR Rockets to the Moon


Chinese stamps (issued 30.4.1960) commemorating the Communist victory of the USSR, successfully building rocket technology that made it to the Moon. A Soviet rocked (Lunik I) was launched in February (Western sources state January) of that year, but missed the Moon and flew into outer space. In September, the Soviet launched a second rocket (Lunik II), that Soviet scientists say is carrying 860Ibs of scientific equipment, which will land on the Moon 371,000 km away, but will not be seen from the Earth.  The landing is designed to take place among the three large depressions on the Moon’s surface, known as the seas of Serenity, Tranquillity and Vapours.  Lunik II carried the hammer and Sickle  emblem of the USSR.

Original Chinese Source Article:



1959: Soviets launch rocket at the Moon

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