Trump in Step with the Racist US System


Racism is a by product of capitalism.  It is part and parcel of the division of labour that reduces the working class to impotent and competing individuals, and privileges one group over another.  Virtually the entire bourgeois media in the US collude with this racism (which includes the Communist left racialising Communist China and North Korea), but here the Washington Post likes to give the impression that there is clear blue water between it and the newspaper of the KKK:

Post Politics KKK’s official newspaper supports Donald Trump for president

The point is, regardless of how ‘liberal’ a paper may seem, the simple (and sad) truth is that racism is ‘normalised’ in the US.  The media jockeys over what degree of racism to express, but never works to expose or stop it. Hilary Clinton is so corrupt that she is allowing the rightwing Trump to walk into the White House. This situation has come about because the US is pathologically opposed to any real or genuine leftwing politics.  Bernie Sanders is not leftwing, and the US Green Party is just as ‘White’ and bourgeois as its European counter-part (with the British chapter even having a truce with the racist UKIP).  What this US election is coming down to is the honesty of racism – Trump is a racist and is open and honest about it.  The US media is racist and goes through phases of admitting it, and pretending to criticise it, whilst the US judicial system and law enforcement are default set to persecute non-Whites and poor (disenfranchised) Whites.  There is nothing mysterious about Trump’s rise to prominence – he is simply in-step with the racist US system.  Michael Moore’s sycophantic support for the Clintons exposes his true bourgeois inclinations, and discredits any pretensions he may have had of being a ‘Socialist’.

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