James Gralton and Ireland’s Unfinished Revolution


In the early 1900’s, the men and women of Ireland were inspired to fight for their freedom through the strictures of Scientific Socialism, and the activities and teachings of one Vladimir Lenin – who was busy leading the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party against the regressive forces of Czarist Russia.  Marxist-Engelism (Scientific Socialism), and Marxist-Leninism (its application), stress that religion is part and parcel of the bourgeois, oppressive, greed-riddled capitalist state. British imperialism for the Irish, represented a permanent loss of freedom, sovereignty and self-determination. Whilst applying the forces of unchecked and brutal capitalism in Ireland, the British authorities used violence and intimidation to an astonishing degree of brutality, the likes of which has seldom been seen on the British Mainland in modern times.  There was certainly no ‘liberal’ Britishness at work in Ireland during the colonial occupation what was in reality, ‘English’ imperialism, (with the Scots, Walsh and perhaps even the Cornish suffering historical subjugation on the British Mainland).  The Irish people rose-up to over-throw the British occupiers, and as a consequence died in their hundreds and thousands (with many being hung or shot by the British State in 1916).  The Roman Catholic Church which dominated Ireland under British Rule, never opposed the occupation and did not question the executions.  In reality, for the Irish Revolution to have been fully achieved, the British imperialists, the Irish bourgeoisie, AND the Christian religion should have all been permanently and thoroughly over-thrown and stripped of all political and military power and influence.  Throwing the British out was a major achievement for the Irish people, but the Revolution should have progressed further and uprooted and expelled the insidious tentacles of the Roman Catholic Church.  Not only were its priests rampaging through the parishes sexually abusing children at will, but Church dogma was making life hellish for the ordinary Irish people.  In 1921, the British, (weakened by WWI and the continued Irish resistance), granted the majority of the landmass of Ireland independence, but left its imperialist, colonial structures in place in the north-east (i.e. ‘Northern Ireland’).  The problem with this ‘granted’ freedom was that the British State ensured that the bourgeois-supporting Catholic Church remained fully in power in both free ‘Southern Ireland’, and the Protestant (Anglican) Church in occupied Northern Ireland.  Of course, even in Southern Ireland the Protestant Church still exists in a subordinate position to the dominant Catholic Church, and in Northern Ireland, the Catholic Church still existed subordinate to the Protestant Church.  What is typical of bourgeois subterfuge is that the Irish people were historically conditioned to perceive themselves as primarily ‘religious’ pawns in an ecclesiastic game of imperialist chess.  In reality, the Irish people are the oppressed masses who are the victims of continued bourgeois oppression perpetuated through the dogma and false morality of the Catholic and Protestant Churches.  In Southern Ireland after independence in 1921, the Catholic Church began a more open campaign opposed to Socialism in all its forms, as a means to protect its exploitative position of political and cultural power amongst the oppressed Irish people.  (Bizarrely, many Irish people fled to the more ‘secular’ British Mainland to escape this type of religious persecution.)   However, the Vatican, situated as it is in the centre of Rome, fully supported the rise to power of the fascist dictator Mussolini, and aligned itself with the political far-right.  This was extended in 1933 to a full embracing and endorsing of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Nazi’ regime when it gained political power.  Also in 1933, the Irish Catholic Church successfully agitated to have leading Irish Catholic – Jimmy Gralton (1886-1945) – ‘deported’ from his own country as an ‘enemy of the people’.  Jimmy Graton remains the only ‘Irishmen’ ever to have been deported from his own country – all at the instigation of the rightwing and intolerant Roman Catholic Church.  In 1936-39, the Roman Catholic Church advised all good Irish Catholic men to travel to Franco’s fascist Spain, and join his anti-Socialist armies in opposition to the Communist-backed International Brigades.  In modern times, as the church continues to lose ground to the forces of secularism, the Roman Catholic Church has been forced by public pressure to ‘apologise’ for supporting Nazi Germany’s holocaust against the Jews, Romany, Slavs, homosexuals, Communists and others, and recently the Irish government has issued an official apology to the surviving family of Jimmy Gralton.

Claim of 800 children’s remains buried at Irish home for unwed mothers

An Apology Long Overdue

Vatican Apologises for Holocaust Support

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