23rd World Hakka Associations Literature and Art Celebration

Hakka Tea Dance – the Women Pick the Tea – the Men Carry the Crop 

Original Chinese Language Article By: http://roll.sohu.com

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On the 29th of November, 2010, a spectacular celebration of song and dance Hakka culture was held in the Cultural Square of Heyuan City, north-east Guangdong province, with a rendition of ‘The Hakka People have Affection for the Ancient City’.  Hakka Associations from around the world gathered in Heyuan City (an area of ancient Hakka population) as a sign of respect and admiration.  The Hakka cultural exhibition was very rich and included amongst many other interesting aspects loyalty and honesty lanterns, a dramatic light show, as well as a magnificent fireworks display.  (Zhang Haiyan, Yang Hong, Wang Junxia, Wei Qingcheng)

General Zhao Tuo Leads Qin Dynasty Troops into the South
Hakka Dance ‘Song for the Hakka Mother’
Hakka Drama – ‘Dance of the Spring Oxen’
(Peddler) Playing with Flowers
Children’s Acrobatic Dance ‘Dinosaur Lullaby’
Dance ‘Colourful Wanlu Lake’
300 Fireworks Illuminate the Ancient Hakka Town






Source: People’s Daily






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