China’s Li Na Proudly Holds-up the Red Flag in Australia – 2011

Original Chinese Language Article: By Qilu Network

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)


aLiNa-04China’s tennis-ace – Li Na – celebrates making it to the Women’s Final of the 2011 Australian Open with a photo-shoot in Melbourne Park. Here, Li Na is proud to fly the Red Flag of her home country – communist China!

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Article

组图:李娜拍摄澳网宣传照 身披五星红旗展笑容

[提要]北京时间1月28日,墨尔本澳大利亚, 已经成功杀入2011澳网女单决赛的李娜在墨尔本公园身披国旗拍摄澳网宣

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