Learning Humility and Respect for China


I switched on BBC Radio 4 this morning and the first thing I heard was John Humphries reading-out the frontpage of the racist Sun Newspaper. I switched to Resonance FM (online) and listened instead to a British-Armenian woman – a singer-song writer who is soon to visit Armenia. She said that she is British first and foremost – because she was born in the UK – but is visiting Armenia because it is the land of her ancestors. Resonance FM depicts the true multicultural Britain that is always here, but which is currently hidden from mainstream media due to an institutional lurch to the right. Real Britain carries-on despite the far-right government that is currently in power. The only way media outlets such as the BBC, Sky, and ITV can give the impression that the UK is a rightwing bastion, is to starve the multicultural reality of publicity, and simultaneously (and artificially) ‘lift-up’ the moronic fringe, to give the false impression that the rightwing runs the UK. Although it is true that the bourgeois institutions control the UK – the vast majority of ‘ordinary’ people have other ideas, and by and large live together. The point is this – when the mainstream media eulogise the racists amongst us – it creates a climate for these mentally damaged people to act and make an impression. Take away this publicity and the low-life disappears back under the rocks they usually hide under. Even in 1919 – when the British government sided with the rightwing British newspaper the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph (who called on their pages for the eradication of the Chinese from British shores) – and sent the British Army to forcibly round-up 20,000 Chinese people back to China for no other reason than racism.  I heard stories of White British people defending local Chinese families against this pogrom. This defiance apparently worked – as in remote areas of the UK – small groups of Chinese people were allowed to stay – but this mass deportation reduced the British Chinese population to around 300. This mass deportation is how the British government rewarded Chinese people for supporting them during WWI. Unbelievably a mass deportation of British Chinese people happened again in 1946 – this time carried-out by the British Labour Party. From what I gather, this ethnic cleansing happened in and around the Eastend of London and is the main reason why Chinatown ceased to exist in the Limehouse area of Tower Hamlets. What happened to the Chinese in modern times in the UK is unique amongst ethnic groups, and can probably only be mirrored in British history by the rounding-up and murder of the British Jewish population in the 12th and 13th centuries. Although Chinese culture keeps the peace through the practice of ‘ignoring’ (with contempt) that which is considered ‘wrong’ or ‘corrupt’, etc., this has been misinterpreted in the West as ‘inaction’ or a weak ‘passivity’, rather than being the product of a sublime Confucian-derived self-control, designed to maintain order and harmony within society. Another issue is that of Eurocentric academics who write tomes apparently ‘correcting’ Chinese people’s distorted interpretations of the world, without the slightest sense of awareness that what they are doing is committing academic inspired racism. This is because they are commenting on and criticising an entirely ‘imagined’ Chinese community that only exists in their minds, and which is the product of the Eurocentric racist narrative derived from decades of imperialist domination and colonialization. Like the ordinary racists at the grassroots level, these supposed ‘thinkers’ do not possess even the most simplest of objective intellectual abilities, but are quite happy to continue to make what they think are authoritative statements about a people and a culture they possess no genuine knowledge about. The rightwing narrative obscures the process of the acquisition of true knowledge. The Chinese people have a culture that is far-older than the European culture that is discriminating against it. The emphasis surely should be upon the representatives of European culture making allowances for this simple fact, and developing a sense of humility and respect at the point of contact with Chinese culture.

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