Moses Waveman Refused Service in Torbay Because of His Wheelchair!

Peace and Love!

Note: There is a grass-roots support in the Newton Abbot and Torquay area of South Devon for far-right political groupings.  This far-right support is aided and abetted by a local newspaper – the Herald Express – which is owned by the racist Daily Telegraph, a local ‘conservative’ minded Council, and an Member of Parliament who does not wish to ‘offend’ those doing the discriminating.  The Torbay area is riddled with racism, discrimination, and prejudice because of a dominating middle class who keep the majority of the people in a state of psychological and physical oppression.  Therefore those who support UKIP, the EDL, or the BNP – or anyother far-rightwing political group – will be banned from my Facebook page and removed (and banned) from my father’s page. This will include all those who ‘blame the victim’ for the discrimination, prejudice, and unlawful treatment they receive at the hands of local businesses, and the council in Torbay – and who are not protected by an apathetic local police force, or their indifferent MP’s. Tyranny must be lawfully confronted wherever and whenever it raises its unlawful head.  In this way the people can free themselves from tyranny and pursue a social system that truly represents the needs of ordinary people.  ACW 21.6.15

This is my short blog article about Dad’s despicable treatment in the Babbacombe area of Torbay yesterday.  It is interesting to observe how certain others (who have used my father’s presence to boost their various causes in Torbay over the years) now remain ominously ‘silent’ about his treatment.  This is despite the hundreds of concerned well-wishers who have expressed their shock and disgust at his treatment at the hands of two café owners in the area.  As I had just marched with 250,000 concerned UK citizens through the streets of London yesterday – including many Disabled people – against austerity and the hatred and discrimination this has unleashed on the people of Britain, I felt my father’s experience should be made known through social media.  This has been my decision – and mine alone.

My father was taken-out today for lunch with members of the family in the Reddenhill Road area of Babbacombe, Torquay. Unfortunately he was refused service at two cafes in the area because he was in a wheelchair:

Daisy’s Tea Rooms & Café – 114 Reddenhill Road, Torquay TQ1 3NT

Cary Park Café – 96A Reddenhill Rd, Torquay TQ1 3NT

It is illegal to discriminate against people with Disabilities – but this behaviour is quite common in the Torbay area. I would suggest a general boycott of these businesses until they learn to obey UK law – and the local police and Council enforce the

The Disability Discrimination Act which is as follows:

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995 aims to end the discrimination that faces many people with disabilities. This Act has been significantly extended, including by the Disability Discrimination (NI) Order 2006 (DDO). It now gives people with disabilities rights in the areas of:

access to goods, facilities and services, including larger private clubs and transport services

buying or renting land or property, including making it easier for people with disabilities to rent property and for tenants to make disability-related adaptations
functions of public bodies, for example issuing of licences

The legislation requires public bodies to promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. It also allows the government to set minimum standards so that people with disabilities can use public transport easily.


My father’s position is one of unconditional forgiveness for the actions of these hateful few who make life so difficult and fearful for those who already struggle.  However, I am not my father, and I am not as spiritually advanced as he.  My view is that those who hold far-right and intolerant viewpoints, and who simultaneously flout UK law, should pay the economic, political, and judicial cost of holding such destructive viewpoints.

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