Ukraine: Retreating Neo-Nazis Fire ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction’ at Centre of Donetsk! (14.3.2022)

The blow was intentional The recently emerged group – the “Union of Mothers of Donbass” – a formation similar to “soldiers’ mothers”, yesterday called on the women of Donetsk to go to the government building for a rally. It was supposed to take place at 12:00. Around the same time, the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Forces attacked the city centre with Tochka-U to coincide with the meeting.

Zionist Israel is a Nasty Place for Refugees – Unless You Happen to be White [and a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi]! (11.3.2022)

Of course, in early 2021, when much of the world was taken with the Covid-19 pandemic, the ugly-face of Zionist (White) racism made its presence felt when the fascistic Israeli State ordered the expulsion of all ‘Black’ Jews living in the South of the country! Whereas Idi Amin Dada was dubbed the ‘Black Hitler’ (by the British Liberal Leader – Jeremy Thorpe) in 1972 when he gave the ‘racist’ Asian population 90 days to leave Uganda – the hypocritical ‘White’ community of Europe (and the US) reacted with a deathly ‘silence’ when the Zionist Israeli State showed its true fascistic nature and gave a section of its ‘Jewish’ population just two-months to leave the country – simply due to the ‘colour’ of their skin! Their was no sanctions against this racist State, no NATO planes attempting to blanket-bomb Tel Aviv into submission – or at least accepting the usual levels of civility expected of a ‘modern’ nation in the developed world!

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