Xi Jinping Welcomes the 11th Panchen Lama and Encourages Him in His Spiritual Studies! (26.10.2020)   

During this meeting, Xi Jinping encouraged him to study with diligence, practice with a pure intent, uphold the last wish of the 10th Panchen Lama, uphold the Buddhist concept of equality and compassion for all living beings, actively promote the adaptation of Tibetan Buddhism to the reality of a Socialist Society, and strive to become a person with profound Buddhist attainments and deep spiritual roots! Xi Jinping explained that a true Living Buddha is loved by all Tibetan Buddhist monastics and Tibetan lay people – and must strive to be loved by all the people of the world!  

Master Zhao Ming Wang – the ‘Dao’ of Determination (为了弘扬中国真正的道家功夫。,,,,,)

Mr Shi Da Dao (释大道) (i.e. Adrian Chan-Wyles) lives in England. For many years he has resolutely committed himself to the task of translating important Qianfeng Prenatal School (千峰先天派 – Qian Feng Xian Tian Pai) philosophical texts into a (correct) and modern English. He has practised determination in the face of many difficulties and prevailed.

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