Fake News – Beware the Might of the Russian Sowing Needle! (4.4.2022)

Although, to be fair, it has more of the fell of the Ukrainian SBU ‘child-killers’ about it! The Maidan Neo-Nazis, not content to project a sense of casual style stuck somewhere In the 1980s (complete with mullet), they also like to think of themselves as ‘quirky’, ‘odd’, and ‘zany’ (as a means to secure that EU Membership) – when in fact, they are nothing but the latest incarnation of Hitler’s ideology and should all be dangling from a post-trial Nutemberg noose – wearing corduroy – of course!

BBC: ‘Human Rights’ of “Azov” Neo-Nazi Volunteers Under Threat” Part II (5.12.2015)

The tone of this article suggests that the legal providing of ‘proof’ that supporters of Hitler today in the US, UK and EU-backed ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime HAVE NOT been convicted of committing of ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ – is nothing but a bureaucratic ‘inconvenience’ – that is being used to ‘hinder’ these ‘convicted’ criminals from gaining Citizenship into the Ukraine! Of course, as far as sheer BBC hypocrisy goes – this article has turned-out to be just a foreshadowing of what was to come – with a steady stream of Ukrainian ‘War Criminals’ being paraded across our TV screens and ‘sold’ to as us fine and up-standing human-beings! The BBC should be prosecuted for this disgraceful behaviour which has betrayed the British nation and the civilised Western world!

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