The Global Fight Against Covid-19 Revealed the True Cult-Essence of the Falun Gong! (11.9.2020)

If this is the case, then why is it that the “magical” Li Hongzhi see his extraordinary powers to “stop” and “prevent” the spread of Covid-19 throughout the population of the United States? After-all, following all the good karma he thinks he has received in the US, why did Li Hongzhi not cover the entire country with his “expanded” Dharma-body to form a protective shield around every US citizen? He could have done all this because these are the powers that “Falun Gong” literature claims he possesses! Why did he not do any of this? The US has one of the highest infection rates of Covid-19 and one of the highest death-rates in the world – so we know that Li Hongzhi did not help his adoptive country in this way! 

Non-White People – Do Not Support the (Racist) White Establishment in Its Support of Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (31.3.2022)

The White (racist) Establishment has ordered our own media and our own schools to broadcast pro-Neo-Nazi rhetoric so that our own non-White children are being forced by the White racist Establishment to internalise and accept a vicious and ruthless far-right political ideology that has at its base – the utter destruction of the minds and bodies of ALL non-White people! Yes – the White racist Establishment is preparing and grooming the children of non-White parents to expect and accept their own mental and physical destruction by the Ukrainian Hitlerites – and we say NO to this! We must fight back! We must resist with everything we have!

Black History Month: Celebrating the Life of Wantez Jamel Tulloss! (2022)

A Chinese language sources states: ‘According to the video, at around 6:30 pm on January 31 (Monday), Amazon Engineer living and working in Seattle – ethnic Chinese Wang Shengnan [王胜南] (who is known in the West as ‘Emma Shengnan Wang’) was wearing a black jacket and KN95 mask whilst walking on the street with a shopping bag in hand. Wantez Tulloss – after first noting she is ‘Chinese’ – slowly approached Wang Shengnan from behind, dropped the bag he was carrying to get a better grip of the baseball bat he was carrying with both hands – before smashing Wang Shengnan across the back of the head! Wang Shengnan fell to the ground helplessly, blood flowing from her ears, and then Tullos ran away with his bag. Tullos kept hold of the bat as he brought himself a slice of pizza to celebrate what he had just done…

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