Stalin Inspires Lugansk Communists to ‘Resist’ Western-backed Neo-Nazism! (3.3.2018)

Communist Party of Lugansk – Russian Language Сейчас, Александр Харитонов – активный участник общественно-политического движения ЛНР, секретарь и член Президиума Центрального Комитета Компартии ЛНР. It

Trotsky’s Support for Fascism (1938)

In his hatred of Communism, Trotsky incites the Nazis to wage war against the Soviet Union. He, an ’eminent expert’ on the Soviet Union, told the Nazis that they had every chance of winning the war against Stalin: the army and the population were demoralized (false!), Stalin frustrated resistance (false!) And that the Stalinists would capitulate at the beginning of the war (false!).

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