Aravindan Balakrishnan (1940-2022) A Great Proletariat Leader Passes Away! (8.4.2022) 

What is extraordinary, (and a measure of the depth of the corruption surrounding this issue), is that the British State is currently involved in ‘lying’ about the brutal Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Government operating in West Ukraine (and instructing the BBC and ITV to parade a continuous stream of Ukrainian War Criminals across our screens – stating that we must express ‘sympathy’ for their plight) – and yet felt the need to ‘interrupt’ this 24-hour propaganda effort to announce that Aravindan Balakrishnan had passed away in his cell and to use this tragic happening as an excuse to rehash all the ‘lies’ that the British State had previously used to put him in prison in the first place! This is an expression of the quintessential nature of the British FASCIST State which will not even grant an 82-year-old victim of its oppression the respect and decency that is routinely granted to genuine criminals such Margaret Thatcher and Enoch Powell!

Non-White People – Do Not Support the (Racist) White Establishment in Its Support of Neo-Nazi Ukraine! (31.3.2022)

The White (racist) Establishment has ordered our own media and our own schools to broadcast pro-Neo-Nazi rhetoric so that our own non-White children are being forced by the White racist Establishment to internalise and accept a vicious and ruthless far-right political ideology that has at its base – the utter destruction of the minds and bodies of ALL non-White people! Yes – the White racist Establishment is preparing and grooming the children of non-White parents to expect and accept their own mental and physical destruction by the Ukrainian Hitlerites – and we say NO to this! We must fight back! We must resist with everything we have!

🔞Zelensky’s Volkssturm is Destroying the Ukrainian People! (14.2.2022)

The initial plan appears to include the ‘Liberation’ of the entire Eastern half of the Ukraine (including the capital of Kyiv) – and then probably to push Western with all three-fronts united as one as the Russian Army has to deal with what is left of the fanatical Ukrainian Armed Forces! Obviously, in Vasilkovo the only troops the Maidan had to spare for the task were old volunteers! If this carries-on – then Zelensky (and his Neo-Nazis) will be responsible for yet another War Crime! If he is captured by the Russians – he may well stand trial for the crimes of the Maidan regime committed between 2014-2022!

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