Torquay: Abandoned Car Saga (17.4.2017)

What concerns me is the nature of the car’s contents – with a fast-food drink container and straw left near the gear-stick – as if the owner had just popped-out to get something before quickly returning – only never to have returned. The car is obviously not ‘stolen’ or the police would have got involved – so where is the owner? It was left near the seafront, and it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the owner suffered a fatal accident walking on he rocks, or even committed suicide.

Sutton: Privatising Bin Collections (2.4.2017)

Why should we – local Council Tax payers – separate our household rubbish into ‘recyclable’ categories that benefit the ruthless ‘private’ firms the Local Council has ‘contracted-out’ the service of refuge disposal? If these ruthless private firms want to make money out of our rubbish, they should collect and sort the rubbish themselves, but they do not do this, because they would have to ‘pay’ employees to do it, and this would remove or diminish any available profit.