Thank You Mother Russia – From ALL Non-White Peoples of the World! (Спасибо Матушка Россия – от ВСЕХ небелых народов мира!)

If we are busy opposing and hating one another – then we are prime-targets for the Neo-Nazis, their running-dogs and their lackeys! Gather together and show working-class strength and courage in the face of this bourgeois tyranny! Support the Russian Army in anyway you can – after-all – they are dying for your right to exist! Do not give-in to bourgeois hypocrisy and its mania for profit seeking! remain psychologically and physically free of the terrible, corrupt and one-sided system they inhabit and perpetuate! Develop the ability to ‘see through’ the trap of religion (particularly the fascist-supporting Roman Catholic Church), and be ‘free’ of the need to conform to stupidity and inverted anti-intellectualism! We are human-beings of equal worth – it is time to ‘stand-up’ and be counted! Here we stand and we must hold the line in the face of cross-border Neo-Nazism! We must strong and we must stand strong together! Take their blows, take their insights – and yes – take their bullets, all we have is our lives and our bodies! Protect the weak, protect those who cannot protect themselves – the Russian Army is doing this for every single one of us right now!

Ukrainian Nazis Disrupt a Communist Demonstration in Khreshchatyk (Kyiv) [7.11.2011]

By the way, the demonstration seemed to have been ‘banned’ by the Kyiv Courta, but the ban, as they say, was not “enforced” by the police and rightly so. Since when did the Ukrainian State start ‘banning’ Communists from marking traditional demonstrations? Why ‘ban’ the universally respected date of November 7th? Over the last 20 years, this has never happened once! It is like we are either living in a Fascist State – or slowing drifting into one!

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