Remembering Nikita Birillo (Никита Бирилло) – and Other Russian Military Casualties Fighting Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine! (24.3.2022)

This is NOT Russia versus the world – but Russia, Donetsk, Lugansk and the ordinary people of the Ukraine – fighting a US, UK and EU-back Neo-Nazi Insurgency throughout West Ukraine which relies heavily on recruiting drug-addicts, murders and rapists from amongst the criminal population of the world! Therefore, Russia fights yet again for the welfare of the world against the Neo-Nazi and Hitlerite ideology which is once again on the resurgence! If you serve in the British Army – remember you possess the right not to follow any orders you consider ‘immoral’ or ‘illegal’! Let’s work together to cut the misplaced support for these Neo-Nazis from under their feet – and together let’s make racists scared again!

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