Hu Xinyu (胡鑫宇) – 2020 – Zhiyuan Middle School Photographs! (25.11.2022)

The Family of Hu Xinyu Requested That I Place These Beautiful Photographs of Their Son – and Other Chinese Chindlren – in the West!

Author’s Note: I spoke to Mrs Li today – she is Hu Xinyu’s mother. This lady is a strong woman typical of the older generation of China! She spoke with dignity, discipline and decorum – but then – as she described the heartache of losing her only son, she understandably started to cry. I treated her with respect and stated that I will help in any way that I can to make Hu Xinyu’s story known further afield! She told me that the Western (Bourgeois) media would not cover the story – because they demanded that she makes (false) statement condemning the Communist Party of China! As Mrs Li – and the Hu family – have fought for (and fully support) the Communist Party of China – she will never make such an incorrect and lying statement! This is true even though the Hu family ‘love’ their missing son and desperately want him to come home! Mrs Li is worried that her son – Hu Xinyu – has been ‘Trafficked’ to the West by a paedophile gang! Please look-out for this young person! Thank you! ACW (25.11.2022) 

Although there is much speculation in China about what happened to the 15-year-old – Hu Xinyu (胡鑫宇) – in reality he had a good life and was looked after by very loving parents. Furthermore, since my posts this morning, I have been contacted by Hu Xinyu’s family – who have thanked me for my post and respectfully requested that I also show people how ‘happy’ their son was!

To Beat ‘Racism’ – We Must Acknowledge the ‘Beauty’ of Our Fellow ‘Chinese’ Human Comrades!

This includes how happy he was at the Zhiyuan Middle School! It turns-out that the (Proletarist) Press in Socialist China ‘speculates’ and ‘sensationalises’ just like its Bourgeois counterparts in the West! The point is that Hu Xinyu was very interested in Politics and fully supported the Communist Party of China – specialising in ‘Science’ and focusing on ‘Computer’ development!

Our Chinese Comrades Are Taught to Build Strong Supportive Relations!

The School Photographs included on this page are from 2020 – when Hu Xinyu was around 13-years-old – and he and his class-mates were entering their teenage years – full of hope! Of course, none of this will alter or change the systemic racism which the US, UK and EU deploys against China and the Chinese people, but I want to make a statement that as a Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) – I (and people like me) fully REJECT this ‘racist’ approach and recognise that we are ALL human-beings of equal worth! This includes the suffering and sadness we suffer as we try to make our way through life!