A Three-Dimensional Mind

What follows describes a ‘moment’ of the mind and its awareness. This ‘moment’ is timeless and could be hinted at by ‘silence’, or one, two or three words, etc. This is not a long article, but it is timeless expression of a profound reality. By the end of its sentences, your mind (and awareness) will have ‘evolved’ quite naturally. There appears to be three ways of viewing the world: 

1) Looking at the outside world. 

2) Looking at the inner world. 

3) Occupying a mid-point of perception where the outer and inner world are viewed simultaneously. 

Although most people occupy 1 or 2, and can even change 2 for 1, etc, it is ‘3’ that is by far the more superior position to adopt, but how is this to be achieved? A strict materialist lives exclusively in ‘1’, whilst a monastic lives exclusively in ‘2’. Although it is doubtful as to whether a hard materialist could ever transcend the requirement to observe the outer world, the true monastic at least possesses the potential to transcend the ‘inner gazing’. Within the Buddhist tradition, the example of the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra extols how an ordinary person can penetrate and occupying position ‘3’ in my schematic. The stories of the 84 Mahasiddhis performs the same function. The Ch’an Masters of ancient China also propel the adherent into this mid-point position as no other position is tolerated. Science is an important ‘siddhi’. It manifests as the power of the intellect turned firmly and resolutely ‘outward’. As a means of its power, it must reject any notion of the validity of ‘inner gazing’. This is the methodology of science. Just as any spiritual path requires its method – science needs to be applied properly and within certain constraints. Without these constraints, the ‘siddhi’ of science does not manifest. The mistake that most materialists make is that they reject any notion (or possibility) of looking within, and reject this ability. The reality is that all these different methods work within their own context. Each method is self-contained and necessarily ‘ignores’ all other methods because they are irrelevant at the point of use. This does not mean, however, that all the different methods are of no worth, ineffective or the product of wrong thinking. Part of the attained three-dimensional mind is that regardless of the existential method being employed, it is intimately understood that ALL other methods (including ‘materialism’) have their place and are of equal worth.  

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