How Facebook Limits Free Speech (17.8.2019)

Facebook have added this extract to ALL groups and pages:

‘No recent false news in your groupIf independent fact-checkers determine that content in your group is misleading, we’ll let you know about it here.To fight false news, Facebook reduces the distribution of misleading content while also showing additional reporting on the same topic.If a group repeatedly shares false news, Facebook may reduce that group’s distribution by showing that group’s content lower in News Feed. Facebook may also stop suggesting that people join the group.’

As with everything Facebook does, this has been quiet, creeping, and behind the scenes. Who are these ‘third-party fact-checkers’? What is their political purpose and affiliation? Why should our freedom of thought and expression of freedom of speech be subjected to this kind of censorship and harassment? This is all part of ‘corporate’ Facebook crushing the political left and perpetuating its particular brand of US anti-intellectualism which has no legal bearing outside of the US!

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