Scadson Woods (Paignton) Epic Dog Walk! (1.6.2019)

Scadson Woods Freeride Park

On occasion, we have taken the family dogs on walks to the various woods surrounding the bottom of Livermead – where my parent’s home is currently located. Before me and my Partner Gee had children, we used to literally run the dogs from the house, along the pavements, across the busy roads, and up the hills and into the wooded areas. However, although the dogs still get shorter walks nowadays, we have to pack (usually three in number) them into the car (together with the children) and drive them to the wooded areas where they can run, jump, climb and stamp through streams! Of course, times change, we all get older, and a number of dogs have come and gone! As the spirit of transformation is in the air, and given that nothing lasts forever, we must seeks more convenient ways of achieving similar aims and objectives. Kai-Lin is only two and a half at the moment and yet she walked a really long way before asking to be picked-up! We get the beautiful fresh-air (and smell the wild garlic) whilst the dogs go crazy running this was and that – continuously ‘sniffing’ other dogs and ‘socialising’! Although times are changing, this morning’s walk was quite beautiful and worthy of sharing with the world!

Xena (left) Ruby (centre) and Patch (right)







Kai-Lin’s Stone Bridge

Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

We love you all!

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