Rejecting Facebook’s Alleged Non-Discrimination policy (26.4.2019)


Dear Mark Zuckerberg  

I will not ‘accept’ the apparent Facebook ‘non-discrimination’ policy on the following grounds: 

a) Facebook is merely a social network platform and not a ‘Nation State’ with the ability to pass and enforce laws. 

b) It is clear that Facebook is a tool of US foreign policy acting ‘illegally’ outside of the US. 

c) Facebook clearly ‘discriminates’ in its administration policy, demonstrating a natural editorial policy infavourof the political rightwing and far-rightwing. 

d) I refuse to ‘agree’ to your alleged ‘non-discrimination’ policy because it is a deceptive ‘front’ designed to secure by stealth ‘support’ for the policy of anti-leftist bias that Facebook actually operates.

Now that Facebook has been officially ‘served’ with this notice under UK Law – any further attempt to contant me in this matter will be construed as ‘Harassment’ and appropriate action taken. 


Yours sincerely 


Adrian Chan-Wyles 

Free Human Being 


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