Bourgeois Law: Why You Should Not Talk to the Police..

A very interesting lecture that bucks the trend of US anti-intellectualism. As is obvious from the multitude of ‘official’ US police, prison and judicial videos available on Youtube – contrary to the prevailing myth being presented here (in-part by the former police officer who speaks second) of the ‘superior’ nature of the US Legal and Judicial Systems when it works as intended (as compared to other countries) – corruption, coercion and tyranny serve as very important and practical applications of US Law. You can be found guilty of any crime, at anytime for any reason. Everything you say can (and will) be used against you – but nothing you say (or that is said to you) can or will be used in your defence! Bourgeois law is the same throughout the capitalist world – simply adjusted for local (national) conditions. The law is oppressive and designed to defend the political and business interests of the middle class against the working class. This is why bourgeois law seeks a straightforward ‘conviction’ to remove the threat to bourgeois hegemony. Ignorance of the law is not a ‘defence’ within bourgeois countries – whereas within Socialist Legal Systems, (particularly the USSR), it had to be proven in Court that the defendant ‘knowingly’ acted with ‘intent’ when the alleged crime was committed. However, unlike the bourgeois legal systems (which depend upon the wealth of client as to the ‘quality’ of the service acquired), Socialist Legal Sysyem (by law) must provide each defendant with the best possible service regardless of the defendant’s ability to pay. When it is considered how the US Legal System treats it non-White citizens, and its poor White population, and the extent to which the US Government exports death and destruction around the world (through its military), the US Legal System is thoroughly corrupt from top to bottom (despite any assumed ‘nobility’ regarding is ‘Revolutionary’ origins). That reality not with standing, the reasons ‘why’ you should not talk to the police are very well explain here!

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