New Malden, South Korea, UK Media Lies and Murdered Russians!


My family lives not far from New Malden, and I know the place well, having close relatives that have lived in the area (and run a business) for years. I have got to know some of the South Koreans living there, as their children have gone to school with my children and other relatives, and have been involved in various business encounters (I used to be involved with an accountancy firm that specialised in South Korean finance and real estate many years ago). I have noticed that the UK media has propagated a lie about New Malden, stating that it is ‘North Koreans’ who live there – this is completely untrue. North Koreans are generally hated and discriminated against by South Korean Christians, who do not like to live near them. As I have first-hand experience of this community, I have written this blog post to correct yet another racist lie generated by a rightwing media currently running a vendetta against Socialism. In fact, very few North Koreans leave their country, and when they do, life is so bad for them in South Korea that they immediately want to return. The Western media usually omits this information, and does not draw the reader’s attention to the fact that there have been not only ‘White’ and ‘Black’ people who have quite happily settled in North Korea, but that many South Koreans also ‘defect’ to North Korea where life has turned-out to be better. As with all media deceptions of this type, those pulling the strings rely upon a wide-spread ignorance of the subject matter amongst their readership, but as I have inside information about New Malden, I can state that not only are there NO North Koreans living there, but that the UK Government, would not let such people into the country because of an assumed security risk (many South Koreans explained to me how their families had to ‘prove’ no connection to North Korea before being granted their visas), and the fact they do not possess the right kind of personal wealth. In fact, the UK media coverage and misrepresentation of New Malden has not only been extremely ‘racist’, but until now, this racism has gone unchecked. I suspect that agents loyal to the US recently murdered a Russian businessman in New Malden, and that the British media is covering the whole episode up!

A Russian businessman has been murdered in New Malden – a smart and bustling town about 30 minute’s drive from where we live in Sutton (on the road to Kingston). This area houses the largest populations of South Koreans outside of South Korea (thought to be around 10,000 people), comprised of South Korean businessmen working in the car industry – and their families. They are not British Citizens, but are wealthy and are allowed to live in the UK until their contracts are up. To get their work permits, they must possess at least £200,000 of money, and sign away their rights to the British Welfare State and NHS upon entry (a combination of UK and EU discriminatory legislation designed to keep non-Whites out of the EU Zone). Many of these people are thoroughly Americanised and worship in ‘Korean Only’ Christian Churches dotted around New Malden. They reject all notions of Asian culture and are ferevently anti-Socialist. Generally speaking, these people are clean, tidy and law-abiding, with the local populations tended to get on quite well with them (I am told that prior to the South Koreans moving into this area, New Malen used to be a place where Japanese families involved in the car industry used to settle). Today, the Russian Ambassador of the UK has asked to meet with British police to discuss the death of a Russian businessman in New Malden which is thought of as ‘suspicious’ and probably the product of ‘murder’. This follows in the wake of the supposed Russian spy scandel, which has now gone ‘quiet’ after it was proven that the nerve agent used was not from Russia. It is interesting to speculate that due to the US influence in the New Malden area, has South Korea been involved in the murder of a Russian citizen at the behest of President Trump? Of course, the British media is not covering this story to any great extent, because it will expose the anti-Russian fervour with which it whipped-up anti-Slavic racism in the UK – a racism that may well have led to a racially motivated murder.

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